Accelerate Your Passenger Journey with FAAC Middle East and mFlow

mFlow VIP & Access Control Gate_Magnetic Momentum®

Here is the following scenario; You’re at the airport, running late, and all you want is a seamless experience to get to the lounge and your flight without any hassles This is where mFlow access control gate from Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH steps in making such a reality.

Air travel, once a luxury, is now an integral part of modern life. It’s transformed how we connect, explore, and do business worldwide. But let’s not forget where it all began.

In the early 20th century, a new mode of transportation emerged, promising to shrink distances and revolutionise how we move. Over the decades, air travel evolved from daring adventures into routine cross-continental journeys. By mid-century, airports had transformed from simple airstrips into bustling hubs, reflecting the ambitions of a globalized world.

Today, airports aren’t just stopping points; they’re dynamic centres ensuring the seamless flow of people, ideas, and commerce. And at the heart of this experience is mFlow.

1.      Speed and Efficiency at Its Best

2.      Unmatched Reliability in Access Control

3.      The Power of Integration

4.      Safety First: Magnetic Safety Drive System (MSDS®)

Speed and Efficiency at Its Best

The mFlow VIP and access control gate by Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH is engineered to the fully automatic inspection of authorised access to restricted areas, such as VIP lounges, staff areas, aswell as the validation of tickets. The mFlow access control gate also incorporates frame edge illumination for enhanced user guidance and intuitive operation. Such combination ensures high throughput, significantly speeding up access control, ticketing and security checks, thus ensuring a seamless passenger experience.

Unmatched Reliability in Access Control

The mFlow’s MHTM™ Drive Unit has been designed for over 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles, ensuring top-tier performance, even in high-traffic environments.

The Power of Integration

The mFlow access control gate offers a world of integration possibilities – with biometrics, RFID, and more accessories integration – customizing your access network for a flexible, efficient, and impenetrable pedestrian system.

Safety First: Magnetic Safety Drive System (MSDS®)

Trust in the Magnetic Safety Drive System (MSDS®) – the cornerstone of safety in pedestrian access. This system integrates control and drive units, prioritizing safety. Should any passenger come into contact with the wing elements of the mFlow, the Magnetic Safety Drive System (MSDS®) with low energy drive ensures passenger safety, due to low impact forces and limited energy, ensuring the smooth and effective processing of travelers.

Compliant with industry standards, MSDS® guarantees peace of mind in every step.

Explore the future of airport access with FAAC Middle East and the new mFlow!

You can read more about the all-new mFlow access control gate by visiting the link HERE.

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