An access control system to control vehicle traffic consists of the following basic elements:

  • a reader to detect presence
  • a barrier to moderate the transit and allow entry/exit only to authorised vehicles
  • adequate electronics that allow the entire system to be controlled including all devices involved
  • any recognition devices such as proximity cards or hands free transponders.


Which solution should you adopt for an area used as a car park?

Access control systems are essentially calibrated according to the frequency and influx of the public.
If the area is small or medium-sized and frequented by regulars, such as a condominium garage of about 150 spaces, the ideal solution is the RESIST reader.
It is available in various models and is equipped with a robust vandal-proof structure with a front panel made of fiberglass.
Large car parks with over 200 spaces need more complex systems. On the other hand, a paid car park needs a cash point as well as a number of other related devices.
In this case it is advisable to refer to the specific car park section.

Can access be controlled according to set times?

You can set the transit according to certain time-bands with various options.

You can customise access according to the users, such as defining the entrance of the cleaning personnel only at certain times, adding a processor to the system that can store the preset access list.

Or you can use the recognition via a telephone pulse with the JCALL model, which allows the passage to be opened with a simple phone call, monitoring the authorisation and access on a web platform.


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