Add a Powerful Layer of Security Around Your Data Centre with FAAC Middle East



FAAC Technologies_Add a Powerful Layer of Security Around Your Data Centre with FAAC Middle East


The past couple of decades have seen a massive shift in the way we interact with the world around us, against the backdrop of a technological revolution so profound that it has been dubbed Industry 4.0; or, alternatively, the Information Age. The birth of transformative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence has ushered us into a data-driven society, with access to information forming the very core of our daily lives.

From a business perspective, collecting and maintaining robust data is integral to enjoying a competitive edge in the market, as data not only facilitates seamless communication with our clients and other stakeholders – both internal and external of the organisation – but also informs business operations on multiple levels, from employee information to confidential intellectual property.

But how secure is your data centre?

At FAAC Technologies, we recognise the vital role of perimeter protection in safeguarding your data centre, and that a robust first line of defence is crucial to deter unauthorised access and ensure your critical assets remain secure.

As the trusted name in access technology for over fifty years, we offer a range of heavy-duty, maximum-strength perimeter security solutions that enable you to control access and add a powerful layer of protection around your data centre infrastructure.

Our range of perimeter protection solutions for safeguarding data centres, includes:

The Unbreakable Barrier: FAAC High-Security Bollards

High-security bollards form an impenetrable barrier around your data centre perimeter. These powerful bollards:

  • Deter unauthorised vehicle access with their robust construction
  • Withstand physical attacks for maximum security
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing security system

Control Who Enters: Magnetic’s Full-Height Turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles provide a secure and controlled entry point for authorised data centre personnel. Magnetic’s turnstiles offer:

  • Seamless integration with access control systems for efficient entry management
  • Tailored access options to suit your specific security needs
  • A strong deterrent against unauthorised pedestrian access

Complete Perimeter Protection: FlowMotion® Pedestrian Gates

Beyond vehicle access control, securing your data centre perimeter requires solutions for pedestrian entry. The innovative FlowMotion® range of pedestrian gates from Magnetic – a proud member of the FAAC Technologies group – offers:

  • Advanced access control: Integrate with your existing security system for authorised entry only
  • Scalable and customisable: Choose the ideal gate solution for your specific needs
  • Seamless integration: Integrate seamlessly with other perimeter security measures

Take control of your data centre security by contacting FAAC Middle East today. You are also welcome to view our data centre brochure HERE.