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FAAC Middle East: Serving the Region with Cutting-Edge Solutions Since 2008

  Driven by substantial investments in infrastructure development, the Middle East boasts a thriving, dynamic, and rapidly-growing urban landscape. This vibrant region has emerged as a hub for innovation, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, efficiency, and creating safe and secure spaces for individuals across the various commercial, industrial, and residential properties that fuel its […]

Prioritising Security in the Age of Air Travel: How Advanced Access Solutions are Making a Difference

Despite the limitless potential of air travel, creating a positive travel experience starts on the ground, and security is a key component. As the airport industry continues to evolve, with technology at the forefront, access control solutions are becoming increasingly important in ensuring that passengers and staff can move through the airport safely and efficiently. […]

Magnetic Autocontrol to Showcase New Products at Dubai Airport Show

Magnetic Autocontrol at Dubai Airport Show 2023

Magnetic Autocontrol is looking forward to connecting professionals working within the airport industry to the latest technological innovations in this space at the upcoming Dubai Airport Show, happening from 9 until 11 May 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. We will be situated at Stand S1628 (located inside Sheikh Saeed Hall 1). As airports […]

Magnetic Autocontrol at Passenger Terminal Expo 2023

Make passengers happy – at PTE 2023! Why should airports make their passengers happy? Quite clearly: because happy passengers board the plane relaxed. Because happy passengers like to visit the restaurants and stores at the airport. And because passengers like to return to airports that make them happy. More importantly, happy passengers also make airport […]

The FlowMotion® mSwing Pedestrian Swing door: Your Versatile Specialist (Arabic)

  في أعقاب الثورة الصناعية الأولى التي بدأت في حوالي عام 1760 في بريطانيا ، كانت هناك تغييرات شاملة أدت إلى تغيير كل جانب من جوانب المجتمع تقريبًا ، بما في ذلك كيفية إدارة حركة المرور على مستوى التحكم في الدخول . كان هناك تركيز كبير على الكفاءة – ولا يزال هناك حتى اليوم – […]

FlowMotion® mTripod Pedestrian Turnstile

The FlowMotion® mSwing Pedestrian Swing door: Your Versatile Specialist

  In the wake of the First Industrial Revolution that started around circa 1760 in Britain, there were sweeping changes that transformed virtually every aspect of society, including how traffic was managed at an access level. There was a great focus on efficiency – and there still is today – as the overarching principles of […]

FlowMotion® mTripod Pedestrian Turnstile: The Comfortable Access Point for Working and Leisure Environments (Arabic)

    ببطء، وبثبات، يعود العالم إلى بعض مظاهر الحياة الطبيعية، حيث ترى الشركات أن موظفيها الكاملين يعودون إلى العمل، بينما ترحب المؤسسات بالزوار العائدين بعد غياب طويل. إن الصخب والضجيج المألوفين اللذين عرفناهما في الماضي يتغلغلان مرة أخرى في المشهد الحضري مع استئناف الغالبية العظمى من الأنشطة الاقتصادية وتحرر العمل والترفيه من القيود التي […]

FlowMotion® mTripod Pedestrian Turnstile: The Comfortable Access Point for Working and Leisure Environments

  Slowly, surely, the world is returning to some semblance of normality, with companies seeing their full staff complement returning to work and establishments welcoming back visitors after a prolonged absence. The familiar hustle and bustle that we knew in the past once again permeate the urban landscape as the vast majority of economic activities […]

FlowMotion® Pedestrian Access Control: Outstanding Inner Values (Arabic)

  كان تأمين المساحات الخارجية محور الكثير من الابتكار والتطوير حيث يتم دفع العقارات – سواء كانت سكنية أو تجارية أو صناعية – بشكل متزايد لاستيعاب حركة مرور المركبات مع ضمان سلامة وأمن أي شخص قد يستخدم العقار. من الحواجز المرورية وقاتل الإطارات إلى الشرائط وحلول أتمتة البوابات ، يعد التحكم في وصول المركبات جزءا […]

FlowMotion® Pedestrian Access Control: Outstanding Inner Values

  Securing exterior spaces has been the focus of much innovation and development as properties – be it residential, commercial or industrial – are increasingly being driven to accommodate vehicular traffic while ensuring the safety and security of whomever may utilise the property. From traffic barriers and tyre killers to bollards and gate automation solutions, […]