Automatic Sliding Doors.

Installing a FAAC sliding door is always the ideal solution to ensure the highest standards of comfort, thanks to solutions which are always reliable, offer greater energy savings and guarantee maximum safety.

Small dimensions or free-standing installations? FAAC sliding doors offer a vast range of functions that allow automation with custom programming according to your specific requirements.


Opening a door unnecessarily wastes energy when the outdoor and indoor temperatures are very different.

That is why the A140 AIR automatic door is fitted with the innovative ENERGY SAVING system that minimises any thermal exchange.

This automation actually recognises when someone truly wants to pass through the doorway and, therefore, prevents the door from opening and closing continuously as people simply pass by.

The special air barrier integrated at the entrance, combined with the AIRSLIDE system, guarantees a higher degree of isolation between the indoor and outdoor environments. Dust, pollution and insects are also prevented from entering.

Open to any requirement.

Technology and harmony finally go hand in hand. When you need a sliding door and the aesthetic requirements are high, there's only one choice: the A100 Compact automatic door. It meets any architectural requirement thanks to its minimal dimensions, while guaranteeing all the performance and reliability of a FAAC solution.


To help you choose, or if you just want to know more, you can always count on the professionalism of our specialists or trusted installers. Contact them for an inspection, a quotation or just for additional information.