FAAC Middle East_Join us at Intersec Dubai 2024

FAAC Middle East to Highlight Latest Innovations at Intersec 2024

  Celebrating a milestone of 25 years in the region, Intersec will be back in Dubai in January 2024, with the Dubai World Trade Centre hosting what promises to be a truly memorable event, presenting state-of-the-art solutions from leading industry brands and providing an exceptional platform for professionals from across the security spectrum to connect, […]

Magnetic at Saudi Airport Exhbiition 2023

Magnetic Autocontrol to Exhibit at Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023

  With the Middle East, and particularly the UAE, serving as a crucial hub due to its strategic geographic location as a crossroads for international trade and a central point for connecting Asia, Europe and Africa, it is no wonder that the Saudi aviation market has grown to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Thanks to its world-class […]

mFlow VIP & Access Control Gate_Unlokc a new realm of possibilities

Unlocking a New Realm of Possibilities with the mFlow Access Control Gate for Airports

  FAAC’s sophisticated security and access technologies are leading the way and signaling a new era in airport operations – one that isn’t dependant on inconvenient and time-consuming manual security checks, enabling airports to keep pace with this rapidly-changing security landscape through solutions that are designed for passenger safety and comfort and operator efficiency and […]

Join Magnetic at the Future Travel Experience APEX Asia Show 2023

Enjoy a Seamless Airport Experience with Magnetic at the 2023 Future Travel Experience APEX Asia EXPO

The world’s premiere showcase of innovation within the air travel industry will be making its return to Asia on 8th and 9th November at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore, providing a unique platform for the industry’s most innovative suppliers from across Asia and further afield to come together to […]

mFlow VIP & Access Control Gate_Magnetic Momentum®

Accelerate Your Passenger Journey with FAAC Middle East and mFlow

Here is the following scenario; You’re at the airport, running late, and all you want is a seamless experience to get to the lounge and your flight without any hassles This is where mFlow access control gate from Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH steps in making such a reality. Air travel, once a luxury, is now an […]

FAAC Middle East_Open a World of Possibilities with FAAC's Automatic Door Range

Open a World of Possibilities with FAAC’s Automatic Door Range

Creating safe, secure and comfortable spaces is what we’ve always done better than anyone else. Step into a world where access is open to every possibility. FAAC’s automatic doors redefine convenience and adaptability, achieving great feats of comfort and prioritising a seamless transit experience. From ultra-quiet operations to space-saving designs, we’ve engineered solutions that suit […]

Magnetic’s Momentum® Series for Airports_Unlock Sealmess Airport Experiences

Unlock Seamless Airport Experiences with Magnetic’s Momentum® Series

  Today’s airports are monuments to technological sophistication. They have transformed the way we travel, making it faster, safer, and more convenient. Access control has undergone a profound evolution, leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure the security and seamless movement of passengers. The modern airport is a testament to our commitment to strengthening security protocols and […]

Discover the FlowMotion® Pedestrian Access Range for the Ultimate in Security, Convenience, and Comfort

FlowMotion®: Transforming Access Control in Key Environments

With easier access to amenities and robust infrastructure linking us to the various facilities that fuel our daily lives, modern living has redefined convenience and unlocked a world of possibilities to give us a seamless and streamlined experience while simultaneously empowering us with safety, security and peace of mind. The reality is that interacting with […]

FAAC Middle East_The Ultimate Vehicle Barrier Solutions

Experience the Ultimate Vehicle Barrier Solutions for Access Control, Parking and Traffic Management

  The Middle East is home to some of the most vibrant cities in the world, with amazing feats of engineering, ingenuity and imagination characterising a region that continues to dazzle and impress, in addition to remarkably robust infrastructure providing a seamless experience for everyone calling these monuments to architectural and technological genius home. For […]

High-Security Crash Rated Bollards_HCIS Compliant_FAAC Middle East

Creating Safe and Secure Public Spaces: The Power of FAAC Bollards

  In the modern age, public spaces are no longer just functional environments. They are designed to provide more than just convenience; they strive to create a sense of comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Whether it’s a bustling commercial area, an industrial complex, or a diplomatic mission, public spaces are carefully planned to improve […]