FlowMotion® mTripod Pedestrian Turnstile

The FlowMotion® mSwing Pedestrian Swing door: Your Versatile Specialist

  In the wake of the First Industrial Revolution that started around circa 1760 in Britain, there were sweeping changes that transformed virtually every aspect of society, including how traffic was managed at an access level. There was a great focus on efficiency – and there still is today – as the overarching principles of […]

Magnetic Automatic Traffic Barrier: High-Speed Operation

They say that slow and steady wins the race, which highlights the importance of meticulousness and attention to detail. However, when it comes to efficiency, sometimes the key to success lies in balancing meticulousness with processing speed. Things like quality control and rigorous testing need to be on point, but performance and output are integral […]

The FAAC JS80 Crash-Tested Bollard: Safe and Effective

For almost as long as clearly-defined industries have existed, at least in their modern form, there have been professional councils, societies, associations and industry bodies to regulate them. The scope and level of control and influence that these organisations have vary greatly, from being self-regulating and only being peripherally involved – acting only as gatekeepers […]