FAAC GROUP: all our numbers lead to number one.

FAAC GROUP, numbers reached worldwide count, and how.

Our 50 years of business, leads us to head towards even more ambitious aims and increasingly more significant results.

For us, since we have achieved them and for all those who will be able to improve their lives thanks to FAAC technology, which, looking at the figures, boasts of the highest number of patents: 75. Gate automation originates from the intuition of our founder who first designed it and developed it. And together with us, remains in first place around the world. And in our hearts.


Under the same sky, dreaming the same dreams

FAAC pride goes beyond Italy. The dream which first opened the doors of automation to all originated in the same land that has expanded worldwide technological excellence.

We like to think that it is no coincidence.

We emphasise that the determination of certain dreamers, here in Italy, has always found fertile ground as well as people who can imagine anything and have tireless arms, always aiming at improving the work that has just been completed.

Clearly, the technology made in Italy consists of research, quality and innovation but especially of dreams … by smart people.

Quality, safety, research and development: 4 aces which are always in our hands.

  • Technology is not a game, of course, but there are elements that make it more successful: when it is made reliable and can improve lives, day after day.

  • That’s why quality and safety at FAAC go hand in hand: one is imperative to the other. And both are continuously nourished with research and development.

  • It all sounds very simple. Behind every product and every patent that improves it, there are many people, and as much dedication and lots and lots of satisfaction: yours first and foremost.

A group, many numbers, one goal.

2400 people, 34 subsidiaries in 5 continents, over 80 official distributors worldwide: these figures draw a business in constant evolution: the FAAC group.

While the technological heart continues to beat in Bologna, FAAC has concentrated the group’s electronics manufacturing in Dublin, creating the necessary synergies to offer products according to FAAC parameters: innovative, reliable and unbeatable.