Enhancing Airport Security in a Traveler-Friendly Way with Momentum®

FAAC Middle East_Magnetic_Your Partner in Creating Seamless Airport Experiences

One of the many challenges facing airport technologists in the modern age, is creating some sort of cohesionsynergy even – between the built environment and the various technologies that form the backbone of the given structure. After all, today’s airports are intricate ecosystems of delicately- and meticulously-integrated functions, and this unique tiered approach – of ensuring passenger comfort and safety while simultaneously emphasising operational efficiency and overall security, is a balancing act at best, requiring truly intelligent and intuitive technology meeting diverse needs and preferences.

For those at the forefront of airport development projects, ensuring seamless and secure access is paramount. That’s where Magnetic Autocontrol steps in. As a proud member of the FAAC Technologies family, this top-tier access control brand is committed to redefining airport access for passengers and operators alike. Our innovative solutions, from automated border control gates to advanced access control systems, prioritise security, convenience, and efficiency.


How Momentum® Pedestrian Gates Benefit Airport Development Projects:

Streamlined Integration and Flexibility:

  • Modular Design: The Momentum® series boasts a modular design, allowing for customisation to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and architectural plans. This flexibility saves time and resources during the planning and construction phases.
  • Seamless System Integration: Momentum® gates are compatible with a wide range of existing security systems and readers. This simplifies integration and reduces the need for complex, custom configurations.
  • Future-Proof Design: The modular design and integration capabilities of Momentum® ensure your access control system can adapt to future security needs and technological advancements.


Enhanced Efficiency and Reduced Costs:

  • Faster Passenger Flow: Momentum® gates expedite passenger processing through quick opening and closing times. This reduces congestion, improves operational efficiency, and minimises staffing requirements for security checks.
  • Simplified Maintenance: The robust design and easy-to-replace components ensure minimal downtime and lower maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of the system.
  • Long-Term Durability: Manufactured with high-quality materials, Momentum® gates are built to last, minimising replacement costs and ensuring a strong return on investment (ROI).


Improved Passenger Experience and Security:

  • Intuitive Operation: User-friendly design elements and clear visual cues ensure a smooth and effortless experience for passengers.
  • Advanced Security Features: Momentum® is equipped with sophisticated security measures to deter unauthorised access and enhance overall airport security.
  • Reduced Wait Times: Faster passenger processing creates a more positive travel experience for passengers, improving overall customer satisfaction.


By incorporating Momentum® pedestrian gates into your airport development project, consultants, planners, and project managers can deliver a solution that optimises efficiency, enhances security, and streamlines the passenger experience.


Get in touch with FAAC Middle East today and discover how our Momentum® range can take your airport development project to new heights.