FAAC Middle East: Serving the Region with Cutting-Edge Solutions Since 2008

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Driven by substantial investments in infrastructure development, the Middle East boasts a thriving, dynamic, and rapidly-growing urban landscape. This vibrant region has emerged as a hub for innovation, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, efficiency, and creating safe and secure spaces for individuals across the various commercial, industrial, and residential properties that fuel its remarkable expansion.

In recent years, the Middle East has firmly established itself as one of the world’s most captivating hubs for development, with technology emerging as a pivotal catalyst for the region’s outstanding progress and evolution.

The Middle East is embracing technological innovation and digital transformation across industries. Access control and automation solutions are being integrated with advanced technologies enabling enhanced security, convenience, and scalability, and it is against this backdrop that we opened our regional office in Dubai in 2008, offering innovative, functional, and secure solutions for all pedestrian and vehicular access automation and control needs.

Strategically-located to provide fast, easy access to our leading-edge products as well as service and support, we are proud to be serving the needs of people and businesses looking to enhance safety, security, convenience and efficiency at their properties while experiencing our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

As part of the FAAC Technologies group, a global frontrunner in the access automation space with a vast footprint comprising 53 entities and spanning 29 countries, we are able to deliver innovative and secure products catering to a wide range of environments, from residential and commercial spaces to high-security sites and airports. With ongoing infrastructure development, urbanisation and an emphasis on security, efficiency and sustainability, as well as further expansion of the Middle East’s renowned tourism and hospitality industry, the demand for ensuring secure and efficient operations is higher than ever and, with such a wide range of technologically advanced, high-performance solutions, we’re enabling clients in the Middle East to maximise their peace of mind.

Whether you have specific access control and automation needs or unique requirements pertaining to safety, security, and efficiency, FAAC Middle East offers readily accessible solutions customised to address them effectively.

Contact us today and find out how FAAC Middle East can help open worlds for you.

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