FlowMotion® mTripod Pedestrian Turnstile: The Comfortable Access Point for Working and Leisure Environments

FlowMotion® mTripod Pedestrian Turnstile


Slowly, surely, the world is returning to some semblance of normality, with companies seeing their full staff complement returning to work and establishments welcoming back visitors after a prolonged absence. The familiar hustle and bustle that we knew in the past once again permeate the urban landscape as the vast majority of economic activities resume and work and leisure are freed from the restrictions that limited the extent to which such activities could be carried out mere months ago.

Whether attendance at your business or establishment has been affected by restrictions or your enterprise remained fully operational, it’s a good time to look at upgrading or improving your existing access control system if, indeed, such a system is in place.

No matter whether you want to control visitors entering a stadium or monitor access to your company’s premises: the mTripod is the ideal solution for numerous applications. The barrier is ideally designed to cope with robust handling thanks to its turnstile made of stainless steel or carbon and its suitability for outdoor use. However, the mTripod is also ideal for architecturally demanding environments: Its slimline design, distinctive lighting and comfortable throughput process mean it cuts a fine figure. Moreover, the mTripod also delivers the traditional virtues expected from Magnetic: drive technology that has been tried-and-tested more than one hundred thousand times, sensitive impact detection and comprehensive monitoring of the throughput process.

The winner of the German Design Award 2018, the FlowMotion® mTripod pedestrian turnstile is simply the finest access solution you can buy and transcends common turnstiles thanks to its revolutionary design. This premium quality solution is picture perfect in terms of its design and offers functionality and reliability second to none, with use in high-quality environments being a central focus during its development.

Corrosion, moisture and UV radiation – mTripod is unaffected by all of these environmental factors. It is also resistant to knocks, scratches, aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents. Tough enough for even the most demanding applications and impervious to strenuous conditions, the mTripod from FlowMotion® is virtually indestructible and, with a mean life of 10 000 000 opening and closing cycles, it’s designed for heavy daily use. Thanks to the extremely resistant 2-component material mDure® and protection class IP54, the mTripod is ideally equipped for outdoor use. However, our convenient to use turnstile barrier also always cuts an exceptional figure indoors.

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