FlowMotion® Pedestrian Access Control: Outstanding Inner Values

FlowMotion® Pedestrian Access Control: Outstanding Inner Values

Securing exterior spaces has been the focus of much innovation and development as properties – be it residential, commercial or industrial – are increasingly being driven to accommodate vehicular traffic while ensuring the safety and security of whomever may utilise the property. From traffic barriers and tyre killers to bollards and gate automation solutions, controlling the access of vehicles is integral to shielding perimeters against potential security threats and, as with most solutions in the modern age, technology has become a fundamental part of the physical security mix.

But what happens when people are actually inside the building? How is access handled from a pedestrian perspective, and how can this be effectively and seamlessly be incorporated into the building’s security design?

Read on to find out more about out high-tech and sophisticated solution to pedestrian access control requirements.

The FlowMotion® pedestrian access range is full of functional features to simplify and streamline operations, with a user-friendly and intuitive design ensuring that you can perform even the most advanced functions with incredible ease and experience no-fuss, fast and easy access to the unit’s state-of-the-art technology and a large canvas of powerful capabilities.

Our decades of experience in the development of drive and control technology are at the heart of the FlowMotion® pedestrian barriers. The MGC control unit offers direct access to all functions, parameters and information – even without a notebook and adapter cable thanks to the integrated display and control buttons.

FlowMotion® represents a fresh new look in pedestrian access control. With a wide range of customising options, you’ll know you’ve seen the future when you choose FlowMotion® pedestrian access solutions, offering you a sweeping variety of options and excellent versatility.

Seamless integration into discerning architecture – we designed FlowMotion® with this goal in mind. This means not only focussing on the design but also the colour of the housing. Therefore, we offer all of the products in our FlowMotion® family in a series of different colour tones and effect coatings.

High visitor numbers, extra wide access points, escape routes in dangerous situations – multiple different barriers are required in many cases to fulfil all requirements. Multiple units are particularly easy to install in a space-saving manner thanks to the slimline shape and uniform design of FlowMotion®.

In order to quickly and reliably control large numbers of visitors, multiple barriers can be arranged next to each other. Access points for suppliers and wheelchair users require larger passageway widths. The wide versions of the mWing, mSlide and mFlap enable passageway widths of up to 960mm.

Moreover, FlowMotion® is opening up the way to safety and peace of mind and provides worry-free control by ensuring unobstructed escape routes in the event of an emergency with free passage if there is a power outage or alarm signal. They automatically resume operation when the alarm is over and power has been restored.

For full protection and unmatched reliability, choose FlowMotion®.

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