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Broadly speaking, technology has undergone a dramatic facelift in recent years, and today’s engineers are equal parts artist and technical developer, translating singularly creative visions into functional machines. However, at the end of the day, reliability and performance are the characteristics that should ideally inform the design of the product, with aesthetic qualities taking on a supporting role and complementing functionality.

In a very telling quote about our relationship with technology and how it has come to be a profoundly important factor in our lives, documentary film director Godfrey Reggio said, “it’s not that we use technology, we live technology”. We have come to appreciate the sensory qualities that today’s technical equipment offers us, in addition to seeking out solutions that will serve us faithfully.

A prime example of how we are living technology is in its use in security applications where the primary function of the equipment is to create spaces that provide peace of mind.

Rather interestingly, there has been an increasing move toward incorporating technology that represents and embodies our intrinsic value systems which, to a growing degree, is rooted in an appreciation for sophisticated and stylised solutions, even when the application of such solutions is highly focused and functional.

With the perfect marriage of elegance and efficiency, style and smooth performance, the FlowMotion® range of pedestrian gates is the very definition of functional beauty.

With the FlowMotion® series from Magnetic, we are completely redefining security in buildings. We no longer view access control systems as simply artificial security mechanisms but rather as integral components of buildings. They are no longer barriers to the outside world but access points to the inside of the building that offer a friendly welcome to those people entering it. Therefore, we are not just increasing acceptance for these systems amongst users but also making an important contribution to providing more security in buildings by rigorously and systematically checking all people passing through them.

The state-of-the-art, ultramodern design of the FlowMotion® range is the vision of Pininfarina, winner of multiple prestigious design awards and a global icon of Italian style, not to mention a leading innovator in industries ranging from automotive to architecture. This trailblazing design firm has pooled talent and expertise to create the FlowMotion® range – a breakthrough in pedestrian access control.

Beyond being a study in style and sophistication, FlowMotion® pedestrian gates are produced by Magnetic: the trusted name in access control. Known primarily for producing reliable, high-quality traffic barriers, Magnetic is also a main driving force behind FlowMotion®, ensuring that these solutions are rock solid and rugged performers in a wide variety of environments.

These innovative solutions also do more with less and really pay off with winning performance and bring out the beauty of reliable access control.

The MHTM™ drive unit – which has been tried-and-tested more than 10,000,000 times – ensures particularly comfortable throughput thanks to its sensitive sensors. It is not only maintenance-free, energy efficient and quiet but has also been designed to achieve an extremely long service life encompassing 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles.

The introduction of the FlowMotion® model series means that the same drive and control technologies are now being used for vehicle barriers and pedestrian barriers. This not only simplifies the work carried out by sales partners, commissioning companies and system operators but you also benefit as a customer from components that have been tried and tested over many years.

An extremely slimline silhouette, flowing lines and a warm, non-slip feel when touched – this is all possible because we have dispensed with steel plates and now use a new material in the FlowMotion® series of pedestrian access gates: mDure®.

mDure® is the latest word in long-wearing durability and dependably protecting your investment.

mDure® is a 2-component material and belongs to the group of polyurethanes. mDure® provides us with a versatile and mechanically and chemically resistant material that is far superior in many areas to the previously used standard material. It is highly resistant to knocks, scratches and abrasion, as well as to corrosion, UV radiation and corrosive and cleaning agents. Furthermore, mDure® is free of toxic substances and can thus be recycled, disposed of with the household rubbish or burned – without damaging the environment.

The FlowMotion® range includes:

  • mTripod three-arm turnstile – the comfortable access point for working and leisure environments
  • mSwing swing doors – the versatile specialist
  • mWing pedestrian passageway with wing arms – the elegant access solution for secured areas
  • mTwing half-height turnstile – for an unrestricted view into the building

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