How the Momentum® mFlow Pedestrian Access Gate Enhances Security and Style



Keeping the Flow Going: How the Momentum® mFlow Pedestrian Access Gate Enhances Security and Style_FAAC Middle East


Whether it’s an airport lounge or a museum exhibit, no one likes being stuck in a long line to get into a secure area – it can certainly disrupt the flow of one’s day. Fortunately, the Momentum® mFlow pedestrian access gate from Magnetic Autocontrol is here to streamline access control while maintaining the highest security standards.

More Than Just an Aesthetically Pleasing Gate:

mFlow goes beyond just being a physical barrier. Built on the robust Momentum® series platform, mFlow boasts a modular design that allows for extensive customisation. This means you can tailor the gate to perfectly suit your specific needs, whether it’s integrating biometric scanners for enhanced security or incorporating additional displays for clear communication.

Flexibility and Style: A Perfect Blend:

The beauty of mFlow lies in its ability to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Choose from various heights and widths for the barrier elements to create a design that complements your existing architecture. The timeless glass panels offer a clear view into the secured area while the optional lighting elements along the floor and frame add a touch of modern elegance. What’s more, mFlow comes in a variety of special colours, allowing you to personalise it further and match your building’s unique style.

Built to Last, Engineered for Ease:

mFlow isn’t just about initial aesthetics; it’s built for long-lasting performance. The pedestrian gate utilises Magnetic’s tried-and-tested drive and control technology, renowned for its durability and designed for 10 000 000 opening and closing cycles. Additionally, the intuitive design ensures a smooth and hassle-free passage process for users.

Here are some of the key benefits mFlow offers:

  • Modular design:Adapts to your specific requirements for security and integration.
  • Seamless integration:Works flawlessly with existing security and data processing systems.
  • Innovative drive technology:Ensures smooth operation, energy efficiency, and maximum user safety.
  • High throughput:Expedites access processes, reducing wait times.
  • Easy maintenance:The modular design allows for effortless maintenance and retrofitting.
  • Maximum safety:The Magnetic Safety Drive System (MSDS®) prioritises user safety.
  • Stylish design: Complements your building’s aesthetics with its modern look and customisable options.

The mFlow pedestrian access gate is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Airports and train stations: Secure lounges and restricted areas while ensuring a smooth passenger flow.
  • Companies: Control access to sensitive areas within your office building.
  • Cultural institutions: Manage entry to museums, exhibitions, or special events.

Move beyond the limitations of traditional access control systems. Embrace the flow with mFlow!

For more information on the Momentum® pedestrian gates range, please visit our dedicated webpage HERE. You are also welcome to email us at [email protected]