Magnetic Autocontrol to Exhibit at Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023

Magnetic autocontrol at Saudi Airport Show 2023


With the Middle East, and particularly the UAE, serving as a crucial hub due to its strategic geographic location as a crossroads for international trade and a central point for connecting Asia, Europe and Africa, it is no wonder that the Saudi aviation market has grown to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Thanks to its world-class attractions, hotels, and entertainment complexes, the Middle East has also become a popular destination for tourists, who are as much attracted to the region’s thriving commercial landscape as they are to its rich history and culture, leading to significant investments in infrastructure that facilitates ease and comfort of travel.

World-class air travel facilities have been central to infrastructure development in the Middle East and, as the premier airport development event in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Airport Exhibition promises to showcase innovation in this exciting sector, with a focus on the role of technology in crafting safe, secure and efficient environments for operators and passengers alike.

Of course, as airports become more sophisticated and advanced, the need for efficient and reliable access control is being increasingly emphasised, and it is with this in mind that our experts and product specialists from Magnetic Autocontrol will be taking you on a journey of the next generation of airport access solutions.

There are five great reasons to visit Magnetic Autocontrol (Stand 1223 at the Gate Pavilion) at this year’s Saudi Airport Exhibition, taking place on 19th and 20th December 2023 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  1. Build a partnership with a global industry manufacturer;
  2. Get valuable project updates first hand from Saudi aviation officials and project managers, and discover how our state-of-art airport solutions deliver a revolutionary way to control and manage access in these bustling environments;
  3. Exclusive networking opportunities to help you build connections in a more social and friendly setting;
  4. Meet the professionals – our team of seasoned experts are ready to welcome you to our stand and introduce you to a whole new world of performance, efficiency and technological sophistication;
  5. Deep insights on the commercial and investment opportunities in the multi-billion-dollar Saudi aviation market from a key stakeholder with offices in the Middle East

Learn More about the Momentum® Airport Access Solutions Range

Magnetic’s Momentum® airport access solutions range is your number one source for cutting-edge airport access solutions, setting the industry standard high-security access control tailored for every part of the airport journey.

Learn about the following products at the show:

  • mPass: Pre-security gate for checking boarding cards and biometric features when entering the security area.
  • mBorder: Automatic border control gate for automatic verification of personal identity at border crossing based on ID documents and biometric data.
  • mFlow: Versatile access control gate, engineered to the fully automatic inspection of authorised access to restricted areas, such as VIP lounges, staff areas, as well as the validation of tickets.
  • mGo: Boarding gate to verify the identity of the passenger before boarding the aircraft.

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