Magnetic Automatic Traffic Barrier: The Highest Quality and Standards

Magnetic Barriers - The highest quality and standards

What constitutes a “good” product has as much to do with the person doing the buying as it does with the actual equipment. Factors such as personal and social values may influence what we perceive and interpret as being desirable, even if it’s not always a clear-cut, conscious process. 

And yet, the idea of quality – whatever that word means to you – has fairly universal appeal, perhaps because we associate it with peace of mind and a certain amount of reassurance. When you decide to purchase something, you want there to be a guarantee of reliability and performance, which becomes even more important when you are providing a service and want to pay it forward in terms of quality. Moreover, high-quality products and solutions help to save your business money by guarding against frequent repair and replacement costs thanks to superior design and the use of first-class parts with excellent resistance to wear and tear.

If your job involves specifying vehicular access control equipment – whether you’re an installer, systems integrator, property developer or facilities manager – insisting on quality solutions will make your job a lot easier while providing the best possible experience for everyone using the premises, regardless of if they’re only visiting for a short while or parking their vehicles for extended periods of time, for example to go to work. Beyond just providing better service, reliable access control systems ensure that the security of the building is never compromised by a breakdown or equipment failure.

Magnetic barriers set the standard in excellence. Designed and produced at a world-class facility in Schopfheim, Germany and vigorously tested to our exacting quality standards, Magnetic is simply the finest traffic barrier you can choose.

Top-tier barriers with the top credentials, Magnetic is the trusted name in high-volume, high-performance automatic traffic barriers and is recognised by experts with a UL certification as well as HCIS compliance, guaranteeing the highest level of operational safety. Our barriers are aligned with the most stringent safety standards and industry best practices – a constant reminder that you’ve chosen the very best in vehicular access control.

Quality-controlled and expertly engineered, the Magnetic traffic barrier range is built to withstand the elements and tackle even the most gruelling jobs. With an IP54 ingress protection rating, Magnetic traffic barriers shield against the unfavourable effects of harsh atmospheric and operating conditions, so they provide reliable, stalwart service in virtually any environment. It’s the quality you’ve come to expect from our products. 

For more information on the Magnetic traffic barrier range, contact FAAC Middle East or visit our website.

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