Magnetic Barriers

Magnetic automatic traffic barriers

High-performing and hardworking, the Magnetic barrier accomplishes amazing feats of endurance, reliability and longevity using our proven and time-tested techniques for outstanding access control, coming to grips with even the most demanding high-volume applications. The Magnetic barrier is a long-lasting access solution you can count on and will serve you faithfully as it’s rated for up to 10 million cycles in addition to being virtually maintenance-free thanks to its innovative design.


A high-torque drive unit makes all the difference, stamping out the need for heavy resources and driving down energy costs.


The Magnetic barrier isn’t just tough, but it’s been scientifically-designed, using established physics to provide the ultimate in dependability and longevity. We’ve designed the Magnetic traffic barrier to have a low centre of gravity which, in turn, increases its structural stability and rigidity.

Innovative beam design:

The unique three-segment design of the beam arm allows for easy replacement at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the reliability and performance of a premium traffic barrier with excellent value that practically pays for itself over time.

With LED lighting – that switches between red and green – on the beam, the Magnetic automatic traffic barrier is clearly visible in low-light conditions, in addition to indicating when it is safe for a vehicle to proceed. We’ve also added a drilless foam strip that fully protects your investment and guards the deftly designed beam against damage.

High-performance solution: Brawny yet brisk, the Magnetic barrier hustles to look after your property’s security, with a special gearbox designed for high-speed applications. The barrier is available in five models with opening times ranging from 0.3s to 1.3s.

Unparalleled quality:

The Magnetic barrier sets the standard in excellence. Designed and produced at a world-class facility in Schopfheim, Germany and vigorously tested to our stringent quality standards, Magnetic is simply the finest traffic barrier you can choose.

This superb solution is recognized by experts is UL certified as well as HCIS compliant. Its enclosure carries a IP54 protection rating, ensuring the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from our products.

Versatile and adaptable: With articulated LED beam arms available, the Magnetic traffic barrier is a universal, all-purpose vehicular access solution that’s perfect for indoor parking areas.

For the ultimate in versatility and functionality, the Magnetic barrier offers onboard support for up to four vehicle loops detectors.

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