Momentum® Pedestrian Gates for Airports

Magnetic Momentum Pedestrian Gates Range for Airports

Streamline your Airport Journey: Introducing the Momentum® Pedestrian Gate Range

Airports cater to diverse travelers, all seeking a smooth and efficient journey. Business professionals prioritise speed, leisure travelers enjoy exploration, and families navigate with young children in tow. Regardless of their needs, one thing remains constant: nobody wants long queues.


Momentum® from Magnetic Autocontrol addresses this challenge head-on, providing advanced access control solutions for airports. By:

  • Expediting passenger flow: Reduce wait times and optimise passenger movement.

  • Enhancing security: Implement stringent security measures without compromising efficiency.

  • Empowering staff: Free up staff from routine tasks for more value-added activities.


Unmatched Customisation:

Momentum® boasts a modular design, allowing for flexible adaptation to your specific needs. This includes:

  • Design customisation: Integrate seamlessly with your airport’s aesthetics.

  • Biometric integration: Implement advanced biometric identification systems.

  • Infrastructure compatibility: Integrate effortlessly with existing airport infrastructure and digital systems.


Effortless Integration:

Momentum® functions as the hardware foundation for your digital security architecture. The gates are compatible with all common readers, ensuring seamless integration with existing data processing and security systems.


Advanced Technology at its Core:

Momentum® utilises Magnetic’s signature Magnetic Safety Drive System (MSDS®). This low-energy technology combines high efficiency and economical operation with maximum user safety.


The Momentum® Range:

Magnetic Momentum Range_mPass Pre-Security Gate
Magnetic Momentum Range_mBorder Automatic Border Gate
Magnetic Momentum Range_mFlow Pedestrian Passageway with Wing Gates

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