New and re-engineered range

Since the launch of anti-terrorism JS Series bollards, FAAC has considerably raised the level of the entire range of security bollards.
Our R&D department has been therefore working on a project to re-engineer J275 2K range, creating the new J275 2K20 Series:

More substance in the same form

J275 2K20 series bollards keep the former features and general “architecture” of the traditional range, like dimensions, high use frequency, easy maintenance and “gentle stop” function, but they guarantee anti-terrorism performances. Made with high quality materials, they come with Inox cylinder or painted. Cylinder’s head and cover, subject to the most wear and tear from passing vehicles, are protected with the exclusive Rilsan® treatment.

Some technical features

Cylinder height 800 mm

Cylinder diameter 275 mm

Bollard weight 170 Kg

Break in resistance 673 KJ

Approved and compliant

The most important feature introduced is that J275 2K20 HA has been certified according to PAS68 and IWA 14-1 standards, and it is able to withstand impact with a 7.500 Kg truck driven at 48 Km/h in a double unit configuration.