Open a World of Possibilities with FAAC’s Automatic Door Range

FAAC Middle East_Open a World of Possibilities with FAAC's Automatic Door Range

Creating safe, secure and comfortable spaces is what we’ve always done better than anyone else.

Step into a world where access is open to every possibility. FAAC’s automatic doors redefine convenience and adaptability, achieving great feats of comfort and prioritising a seamless transit experience. From ultra-quiet operations to space-saving designs, we’ve engineered solutions that suit every environment. When sliding doors aren’t an option, our swing door solutions step in, ensuring compliance with top-tier safety standards.

Our revolutionary automatic door range gives you complete peace of mind thanks to our patented SAFEZone technology, which ensures compliance with the most stringent standards of safety, while GREENTECH means that your entrances and exits aren’t just eco-friendly, but also provide tangible benefits in terms of reduced energy expenses. Embracing these technologies means not compromising on performance whilst enjoying a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

Preventing unnecessary energy wastage is now a breeze with the FAAC A1400 AIR automatic sliding door – the state-of-the-art transit solution that unites comfort and efficiency, creating spaces that are sophisticated enough to be seamless, yet exceptional enough to leave a lasting impression. Designed with an innovative ENERGY SAVING system, this leading-edge door automation solution senses true intentions to pass, eliminating needless operations that drain energy.

With the AIRSLIDE system and integrated air barrier, this automation ensures superior isolation from outdoor elements. Say goodbye to dust, pollution, and insects infiltrating your space.

Whether you’re looking to welcome guests to your hotel with a premium touch, or want to open up a new world of convenience at a bustling shopping centre, we invite you to open a world of possibilities with the automatic door range from FAAC.

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