PRESS RELEASE: FAAC Middle East to Showcase JS80 Bollard at ASIS 2022


As a global frontrunner in the security and access control space for over 55 years, FAAC Middle East is proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with Aflak Electronics to bring our first-rate, top-of-the-line JS80 high security bollard to ASIS Middle East 2022.

FAAC Middle East has been enjoying a massively successful run on the expo circuit this past year, having recently participated in leading technology event GITEX Global, an event that saw His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum grace our stand with his presence. In September, delegates from FAAC Middle East – including Business Development Manager Mahmoud Almashriqi – attended Security Essen in Germany to showcase some of our leading-edge solutions, which included the Magnetic traffic barrier range as well as a prototype of a double mTripod three-arm turnstile.

FAAC has been providing residential, condominium and industrial automation solutions and pedestrian and vehicle access control since 1965 and currently consists of 32 commercial companies in 24 countries with a strong presence in the Middle East. With an ever-growing demand for security and traffic regulation in urban areas, the JS80 bollard is deftly designed and precision-engineered to meet virtually any perimeter protection requirement, and we look forward to showcasing this formidable solution at ASIS Middle East 2022.

About the FAAC JS80 Bollard

The FAAC JS80 bollard is the latest word in high-security perimeter protection, delivering a stalwart solution that’s expertly engineered and laboratory-tested to be the very best in its class and give you and your clients the assurance of peace of mind. Incorporating our innovative and industry-leading technology, the JS80 is approved for steadfast security in a wide variety of applications.

Guaranteed safe and effective

The FAAC JS80 bollard has been designed to provide excellent perimeter protection, and has been made in 100% compliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior as well as the HCIS’s Industrial Security Directive. Compliance with these directives means that the bollard adheres to all of the country’s statutory requirements and is guaranteed safe and effective.

Unflinching protection

Specify the bollard that has SERIOUS stopping power. Boasting the impressive P1 penetration rating, the JS80 high-security bollard from FAAC is able to stop a vehicle weighing a whopping 7,500kg and travelling at 80km/h dead in its tracks with only 1m of penetration. This means that the bollard offers unflinching protection against even the most compelling force.

In addition, the FAAC JS80 complies with the following international safety standards:

  • PAS 68
  • IWA 14-1
  • ASTM F2656

There when seconds count

Any perimeter can be secured faster than you ever thought possible with the JS80 high-security bollard. In Emergency Fast Operation Mode, the bollard rises in just 1.5 seconds, using our innovative and celebrated hydraulic technology to create a secure barrier without delay.

With full-throttle, high-velocity performance, the FAAC JS80 bollard outpaces immediate threats thanks to lightning-fast rising. Emergency Fast Operation Mode has been developed for express security and accelerated operation, bringing the bollard to its raised position in a fraction of the time it takes other solutions.

A bollard always just like new

JS bollards are provided with protective covers mDure, the FAAC system which, unlike other bollards on the market, allows the bollard to be reconditioned avoiding high disassembly and reassembly costs.

Corrosion resistance

Innovative use of Rilsan anti-corrosive polyamide guarantees protection from corrosion/deterioration, weather and chemical agents.

Aesthetic consistency among all FAAC bollards

All JS-technology bollards are 1m in height 275mm diameter: these are the FAAC safety measures of all bollards, suitable to every architectural context.

Simplified installation

The integrated hydraulic power unit reduces costs and facilitates installation operations without having to lay hydraulic lines underground.

Easy maintenance

The components’ arrangement facilitates maintenance operations. The main components are accessible from above for inspection or replacement without having to remove the bollard from the ground.

Find FAAC Middle East and the JS80 bollard at our partner Aflak Electronics’ stand, E3, at ASIS Middle East 2022, happening between 14 and 17 November in Damman, Saudi Arabia.

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