Electronic control unit

Use application field

For swing-leaf or sliding-leaf gate automations 230V

  • The E145S electronic control unit can manage one or two swing gate operators, a sliding gearmotor or mixed systems of swing-sliding gates
  • It is compatible with all receivers (3-pin or 5-pin or external) and all photocells (both BUS and tradional ones)


Item code





Power supply voltage

Power switching 90V~ to 260V~ 50(60) Hz

Max. power

4W Stand by, <2W with sleep function (programmable through Simply Connect)

Motor max power

800 W

Max. accessories load

500 mA 24V – 500 mA BUS 2easy

Max. electric lock load

FAAC Lock (12V~ – 24V ) – non FAAC 24V – 500 mA


LCD display and buttons, via Simply Connect connectivity devices

Status signalling

LCD Display and LED

Terminal board inputs

Open, Open pedestrian gate, Stop (closed), BUS 2easy, Opening safeties, Closing safeties, Power + Earth, Opening and closing limit switches, Safety edge input on opening, Safety edge input on closing

Terminal board outputs

Flashing light, Motors, Accessories power 24V , 2 programmable OUTPUT (default:power indicator light and fails-safe), 2 electric locks

Rapid connector

XF 433/868 module for OmniDEC decoding, connector for DECODER/MINIDEC/RP, USB-A, Simply Connect

Protection Fuses

1 (10A)

Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C

Note: The electronic board E145S can control one or more swing operators, a sliding gear motor, or a mixture of swing-sliding systems.

Basic programming

Type of motors

Selectable (swing, sliding, mixed swing – sliding installation)

Operating logic

Semi-automatic, Semi-automatic step-by-step, Automatic safety, Automatic with pause reversal, Automatic step-by-step, Automatic safety step-by-step, Automatic, Automatic 1, Automatic with timer function, Semi-automatic B, Mixed (AP with pulse/CH with man present), Man Present C

Pause time

Independently programmable after total or partial opening (from 0 to 9 min 50 sec)

Number of motors


Thrust power

Adjustable on 50 levels for each motor independently

Encoder use


Limit switch

limit switch function in opening and closing, selectable independently

Leaf delay time in closing

Programmable (from 0 to 1 min 30 sec)

BUS 2-Easy device registration


Motor Power

1 and 2 (independently)

Working time learning

Simple self-learning (max 4 min and 10 sec).

Self-learning of working and deceleration time of the two leaves thanks to a single complete work cycle)

The SAFEcoder absolute encoder learns the open/closed/slowdown positions of the gate

Advanced programming

Maximum power at initial thrust


Reverse stroke and ram stroke

Independently selectable (facilitating the coupling and uncoupling of the electric lock)

Leaf delay in opening


Leaf 1 deceleration

Programmable, percentage of the total stroke (from 0% to 99%)

Leaf 2 deceleration

Programmable, percentage of the total stroke (from 0% to 99%)

Storable codes

Number of radio codes programmed on OMINIDEC through XF Module display


Photocell in closing

Selectable Function

ADMAP Function


Anti-crushing sensitivity

Programmable there is an ENCODER (10 levels)

Mechanical stop angle search

Selectable if the ENCODER is present

Additional work time

Selectable (if ENCODERS or limit switches are not present)

OUT 1 and OUT2 programming

Independently selectable (17 statuses each)

Service request

Selectable (if the programmed number of cycles is reached, the system activates an 8 sec pre-flashing before any movement)

Cycle count

Selectable (upgrade of a ”countdown” – max setting 99,000 cycles)

File management through USB-A

Board software Upgrade


Board configuration Upload


Toard configuration Upload


Radio codes list Upload


Board configuration download


Board timer download


Board radio code download


Simply Connect

The Simply Connect quick connector allows the use of connectivity devices that permit remote programming and management via web and/or App of all the automations connected to the Simply Connect cloud platform: carry out diagnosis, investigate faults, perform remote maintenance and schedule your work

Enclosure mod. E for electronic control units


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Enclosure mod. L for electronic control units


||valuta|| ||720118||

Enclosure mod. LM for electronic control units


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Release lock with key for mod. L and LM


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