Revolutionising the Passenger Journey with Magnetic Momentum® Gates

Revolutionising the Passenger Journey with Magnetic Momentum® Gates



In the dynamic realm of travel and transit, optimizing passenger flow while ensuring security and efficiency is paramount. Magnetic Autocontrol, a trailblazer in pedestrian access solutions, introduces its Momentum® series of pedestrian gates – a line of state-of-the-art passenger flow gates designed to streamline the travel experience across various stages. By harnessing our extensive experience across different verticals such as office access, automatic fare collection, and airport solutions, we offer a seamless integration of technology and convenience that redefines passenger journeys.


Enhanced Efficiency and Security

The Momentum® series from Magnetic Autocontrol comprises:


  • mPass Pre-security Gates: These gates represent a paradigm shift in the initial stage of passenger processing, obviating the need for manual security checks. By seamlessly integrating with existing security systems, these gates ensure smoother and faster clearance, significantly reducing bottlenecks and augmenting passenger satisfaction.


  • mBorder, Automatic Border Control (ABC) Gates: Engineered to expedite the border control process, our ABC gates drastically reduce waiting times. By automating the identity verification process, these gates not only conserve valuable manpower but also fortify the security framework with advanced biometric and document verification technologies.


  • mFlow, Lounge Access Gates: Our solution extends to exclusive areas, delivering a seamless entry experience to lounges. These gates ensure that only authorized passengers can access these zones, thereby enhancing the premium feel of lounge services.


  • mGo, Self-Boarding Gates: Arguably the most significant advancement towards autonomy in passenger flow, our self-boarding gates facilitate boarding by specific zones and seat numbers automatically. This innovation eliminates the need for airline representatives at the gate, streamlining the boarding process and reducing turnaround times.


Seamless Integration and Support

Understanding the intricate ecosystem of airport operations, Magnetic Autocontrol ensures that our solutions are not merely standalone products but integral parts of an interconnected system. Our gates are meticulously designed to interface with legacy systems and seamlessly integrate with various airport systems, including passenger management, security access control, and immigration databases.


Success Stories

Our success stories, such as the deployment of the first electronic pre-security gates in an airport in the Levant, as well as aiding in their integration with legacy systems and Common Use Platforms (CUPPS) and CUSS through our flexible and intelligent MGC controllers, underscore our ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Additionally, our implementation of staff access for Airport employees, integrated with law enforcement authorities’ Pass Control Office and Security Access Control Systems (SACS), serves as another testament to our proficiency.


Another success story lies in the airline crew immigration gates in one of the GCC countries’ airports, demonstrating our capability to deliver tailored solutions. Our gates, which have been installed for over 15 years, impressed the customer with the new features and design of the Momentum® mPass, prompting them to upgrade their systems.


Solutions that Empower System Integrators

At Magnetic Autocontrol, we believe in empowering our partners to deliver comprehensive solutions. By providing provisions for authentication and verification devices, offering an open-platform software for custom integration plugins, and granting access to our R&D facilities in Schopfheim, Germany, we equip our authorized system integration partners with the tools they need to succeed. This collaborative approach ensures that every project benefits from cutting-edge technology, expert integration, and flawless execution of their Proof of Concepts gates before mass production.


Your Journey, Our Commitment

From the initial concept to the final implementation, our team is dedicated to supporting clients throughout the entire journey of building their passenger access solution. By choosing Magnetic Autocontrol Momentum® gates, airports and transit authorities can not only enhance the efficiency and security of their operations but also significantly improve the passenger experience.


In a world where time is of the essence and security cannot be compromised, Magnetic Autocontrol offers a solution that propels the passenger journey into the future. Let’s redefine the travel experience together.


For more information on the entire Momentum® range of gates, please visit the following link HERE. You are also welcome to contact [email protected].