Secured Entry: CoMETA Revolving Doors and Armoured Doors for Data Centre Access Control

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Data centres are the backbone of our digital world, housing critical IT infrastructure that requires the utmost security. Beyond robust perimeter protection, securing access points within the data centre itself is equally important.

FAAC Middle East, through its CoMETA product line, offers a comprehensive range of secure access solutions specifically designed for data centres. This blog post explores two key solutions: CoMETA revolving doors and armoured doors.

CoMETA Revolving Doors: High Flow Meets High Security

  • Efficient Access Control: CoMETA revolving doors manage high foot traffic volumes while deterring unauthorised entry. Only one person can enter at a time, preventing tailgating and piggybacking attempts
  • Advanced Security Features: These doors integrate seamlessly with access control systems, requiring authorised entry via card readers or biometric verification
  • Bulletproof and Burglar-proof Construction: CoMETA revolving doors are built to withstand physical attacks, offering an extra layer of protection for your data centre’s sensitive assets
  • Seamless Integration: These doors integrate effortlessly with existing security systems for centralised control and management

CoMETA Armoured Doors: Uncompromising Security for Sensitive Areas

  • Secondary Entrances and Exits: CoMETA armoured doors provide a secure solution for secondary entrances, emergency exits, and other areas requiring heightened protection
  • Customisable Design Options: Choose between glass-paneled doors for a welcoming aesthetic or steel-panel doors for maximum bulletproof and burglary protection
  • Unmatched Security: CoMETA armoured doors are built to the highest security standards, ensuring your data centre remains impenetrable

CoMETA: A One-Stop Shop for Data Centre Access Security

FAAC Middle East, with its CoMETA security solutions, provides a comprehensive approach to data centre access control. From high-flow revolving doors to bulletproof armoured doors, CoMETA offers a variety of solutions to meet your specific security needs.

Benefits of CoMETA Security Solutions:

  • Enhanced Security: Deter unauthorised access and safeguard critical data
  • Streamlined Access Control: Manage entry efficiently with integrated systems
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure
  • Stylish Design: Maintain a professional aesthetic without compromising security

Contact FAAC Middle East today to discuss your data centre access control requirements and explore how CoMETA solutions can enhance your data centre’s security posture!

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