The FAAC JS80 Bollard: High-Performance, Impact-Resistant Design

From their humble beginnings in mooring ships to being deployed all over the world to protect people and sensitive buildings, traffic bollards have become a staple of the urban security landscape, and today they are instrumental in ensuring a much safer environment for everyone. Over the years, the use of bollards in high-security environments has risen, and they are being engineered with an increasing focus on sophistication and imperviousness to damage.

Reliability remains one of the most important considerations when choosing a traffic bollard.
A truly robust bollard is able to sustain its level of protection in the face of an impact and keeps
downtime to an absolute minimum so as to ensure that the security backbone remains intact. Moreover, the complete destruction of the bollard would result in significant costs being incurred from having to repair or replace the system. The JS80’s high-performance, impact-resistant design makes it virtually indestructible. Made from the most resilient, heavy-duty materials, this bollard is tough enough to stand up to vehicle-ramming attacks and other events that may threaten people and buildings.

Further adding to the JS80’s unmatched reliability and efficacy in a high-security environment, independent crash tests found it to be 100% operational in the aftermath of the crash, shrugging off the impact of a 7,500kg truck traveling at 80km/h.
Our latest bollard offering really stands its ground and will work even after impact, so that security is never compromised, not even for a moment. That not only gives your client that extra bit of peace of mind but saves them from having to replace the bollards after such an event. If you need to perform maintenance on the system, we’ve made it easy for you thanks to the arrangement of the components.
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