The FlowMotion® mSwing Pedestrian Swing door: Your Versatile Specialist


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In the wake of the First Industrial Revolution that started around circa 1760 in Britain, there were sweeping changes that transformed virtually every aspect of society, including how traffic was managed at an access level. There was a great focus on efficiency – and there still is today – as the overarching principles of industry were applied to access management, with traffic being processed in much the same way as production lines. In other words, the main objective was to streamline these processes.

This was not wrong, per se, but the world and, by extension society, has changed a lot in the more than 260 years since the First Industrial Revolution redefined manufacturing and production. Nowadays, we approach things much more holistically and, from an access control perspective, comfort is just as important as efficiency, and flexibility just as important as security. Most business and establishments in the modern age have come to recognise the importance of creating comfortable yet secure spaces where freedom of movement complements exceptional control of access and, when it comes to pedestrian access, freedom and flexibility are integral not only to ensuring ironclad security, but also helping developers, installers and systems integrators to easily adapt the solution to their clients’ specific needs.

A permanently staffed reception desk, employees known to the security staff, lots of external visitors and groups of visitors – there are many applications where a flexible access solution is more practical than a high level of security or the automatic recording of people entering the building. Our versatile specialist – the mSwing swing door – is available for all of these applications.

The mSwing can be opened at the push of a button at reception to allow visitors and suppliers to easily pass through it. Users can also open the door themselves via the mPost card-reader pillar, which is particularly suitable for barrier-free access points. The mSwing is also a particularly useful solution when setting up escape routes. Thanks to the maximum passageway width of 2400 mm in the double door version and automatic opening in the event of a power cut or alarm, the mSwing meets the technical guidelines and statutory regulations for providing safe routes out of the building.

Unmatched convenience is what sets the FlowMotion® mSwing pedestrian gate apart from other systems on the market and makes it the perfect companion for pedestrian access points, compatible with virtually every application.

The drive, sensors and control system for the mSwing are all compactly housed in the central aluminium pillar coated with mDure®. This pillar also holds the lighting for the barrier element and an operating unit with a graphic display and 4 control buttons. It can be used to directly read all information relevant to its operation on-site, reset the parameters and start additional functions in a few simple steps – completely without the need for a connection cable, notebook and additional control software.

With top-notch resilience and reliability, the FlowMotion® range is the crown jewel of pedestrian access control.

In our new model series, we are doing lots of things differently compared to earlier products – although our decades of experience in the development of drive and control technology remain at the heart of every FlowMotion® barrier system. This not only ensures that people can pass through comfortably but also delivers maximum security and particularly low operating costs. In particular, it has also been responsible for the unique robustness and durability of the FAAC Magnetic brand for many decades.

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