The Magnetic Automatic Traffic Barrier: Innovative Beam Design

“Overhead costs” is a familiar part of business lingo and, generally speaking, refers to the ongoing costs of operating a business, such as rent, utilities and insurance; in other words, those costs that are not directly associated with the production of a product or service. In the case of manufacturing enterprises, there is what is known as manufacturing costs, which “include equipment maintenance costs, as well as labor for completing repairs, replacement parts needed, and the cost of replacing equipment when repairs are not feasible”. However, most businesses, regardless of what sector they operate in, will, at some stage, have to spend money on repairing or replacing equipment. It’s an inevitable, if somewhat unpalatable, part of any commercial operation. 

Aside from normal wear and tear, which may be considered operating costs, there are always the unforeseen events such as a piece of equipment being damaged by an accident or mishap.  

If access control falls within the scope of your responsibilities, well, you’ve probably seen a boom pole or two meet the business end of a vehicle. Most times it’s an accidental occurrence – too late or too light on the brakes, misjudging the distance to the barrier, etc. – though damage can also occur maliciously, for example someone attempting to circumvent the parking or access control system. 

If this is a challenge you’re facing, get a Magnetic traffic barrier, delivering capability without unnecessary cost. 

Beyond having an ultra-efficient high-torque motor that reduces energy consumption, the unique three-segment design of the beam arm allows for easy replacement at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the reliability and performance of a premium traffic barrier with excellent value that practically pays for itself over time. Accidents will always happen but, with a Magnetic traffic barrier, there’s no wasted expense. 

With LED lighting – that switches between red and green – on the beam, the Magnetic automatic traffic barrier is clearly visible in low-light conditions, in addition to indicating when it is safe for a vehicle to proceed. We’ve also added a drilless foam strip that fully protects your investment and guards the deftly designed beam against damage.  

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