The Magnetic Automatic Traffic Barrier: The Best Operation and Performance


When it comes to technology, you’ve probably come across terms like innovation, features and, of course, performance. But performance is a somewhat vague and nebulous concept.

So what does it mean and what role does it play in the reliability of a particular product or solution?

Performance refers to how efficiently and effectively a piece of equipment can accomplish certain results; in simple terms, how well does it do what it’s supposed to do? 

Of course, there are many factors that can influence the performance of a solution, for example its design, choice of parts and components, and its general specifications. Depending on the application, things such as output torque, speed and load-bearing capacity can all impact the performance of a particular product.

Effective and reliable access control is increasingly becoming an important part of the security design of buildings, while also seeing growing popularity in applications such as efficient processing at tolls, bridges and tunnels. With a constantly-expanding commercial sector encompassing everything from office buildings to shopping complexes, regulating vehicular traffic helps to ensure the safety and security of people, vehicles and assets as well as protecting revenue in the case of paid parking systems. And, in an age of unprecedented innovation, the power of technology and constant advancements are making it easier than ever before to simplify operations through maximum performance geared towards creating more efficient environments. Users are looking for characteristics such as structural rigidity and cost-effectiveness to enjoy the highest level of value from their chosen vehicular access control solution. 

High-performing and hardworking, the Magnetic barrier accomplishes amazing feats of endurance, reliability and longevity using our proven and time-tested techniques for outstanding access control, coming to grips with even the most demanding high-volume applications. The Magnetic barrier is a long-lasting access solution you can count on and will serve you faithfully as it’s rated for up to 10 million cycles in addition to being virtually maintenance-free thanks to its innovative design.

Boosting efficiency while drastically reducing energy usage – the Magnetic traffic barrier is powerfully productive, yet cuts down on unnecessary power consumption. Its high-torque drive unit makes all the difference, stamping out the need for heavy resources. The barrier runs on all cylinders without the requirement for huge amounts of energy, helping to drive down operating costs and making it a winning choice for vehicular access.

The Magnetic barrier isn’t just tough, but it’s been scientifically-designed, using established physics to provide the ultimate in dependability and longevity. We’ve designed the Magnetic traffic barrier to have a low centre of gravity which, in turn, increases its structural stability and rigidity.

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