Industrial areas, pedestrian passages and areas with heavy traffic require continuous movement and of course, maximum efficiency, always. The J275 range is literally tireless thanks to FAAC hydraulic technology. The “Design for assembly” approach finds its perfect application in these bollards: a pit and bollard are two separate entities and this greatly helps the routine maintenance and possible replacement.


Are you looking for a particularly flexible system?

Not everyone can control traffic in high-density areas such as urban passages, industrial areas or shopping centres: you have to know how to resist very intense work cycles.
This is exactly what the automatic retractable hydraulic bollard J275 HA does. Tireless by nature, it is ideal for final movements to be controlled automatically via magnetic card readers, remote control, magnetic loops or a telephone pulse.

Firm in our choices.

Closing off pedestrian and residential areas or parts of them, completely excluding vehicle traffic, requires the J275 F fixed bollard, which is perfect for permanent installations, but also for mixed installations in which there are other retractable bollards (automatic or semi-automatic.)


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