There are situations in which controlling vehicle traffic is not enough – areas or buildings must be protected with tools that can resist anything.

Guaranteeing maximum security in airports, embassies, banks, ports and similar places requires specific qualities and details, all found in the range of FAAC bollards designed to offer all the necessary peace of mind every day.


Protecting areas at risk of intrusion simply requires the automatic hydraulic retractable traffic bollard J355 M30-P1 HA. Tested and certified according to the “AST M F 2656-07” Standard to withstand impact, this bollard can block a truck of almost 7,000 kg with just one element.
Available in the standard version or supplied with the Emergency Fast Operation (modello J355 M30-P1 HA EFO), the quick-lifting system further increases the levels of protection.

Do you require specific security measures?

The J355 M30-P1 F fixed traffic bollard is what is needed when you require a system for maximum protection that completely excludes vehicle access. High security, certified to guarantee permanent protection of sensitive sites and it can be combined with mixed installations with automatic retractable bollards.


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