Transforming Access Control: FAAC’s Innovative Range for Homes and Businesses

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Building upon our innate need for safety and security, the ever-changing landscape of our modern world requires robust solutions that can adapt to evolving threats and challenges. This is where FAAC Technologies excels. With our deep expertise and unwavering commitment, we are at the forefront of the access automation industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions that go beyond security. Our access control systems not only provide peace of mind and protection but also enhance convenience and operational efficiency. Whether it’s in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, our extensive range of technologically advanced solutions ensures unmatched quality and precision, safeguarding your property and simplifying your lifestyle.

Our comprehensive range of access automation products includes:

  • Automation for gates: Quality, safety and ease of use and installation have always been the main features of all FAAC automation systems for gates
  • Automation for garage doors: Designed to meet all safety and energy saving requirements
  • Automation for industrial doors: Available in either vertical or lateral sliding options or alternatively as winding doors

Transitioning to our access control range, excellent functionality and ease of use, superior levels of safety and quality standards make Magnetic Autocontrol solutions state-of-the-art and effective for access control in all areas and for any requirements: car parks, public transport, airports, highway toll booths, buildings, commercial and industrial facilities.

We are also thrilled to be bringing revolutionary access control technology conceived, designed and developed by FAAC to the Middle East.

KEYDOM is the access control system designed and manufactured entirely by FAAC that is suitable for both large and small businesses is fully scalable at all times. It controls pedestrian and vehicle accesses for employees and visitors and monitors access to various areas with different levels of security.

HUB Parking Technology, a business unit of FAAC Technologies, offers the most comprehensive range of intelligent parking solutions in the industry, with top-notch technologies for running your parking facilities efficiently. HUB’s flexible and dependable solutions are customised to adapt to any specific requirements, while enhancing your business profitability.

The HUB parking range encompasses virtually all sectors, including airports, municipalities, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, business centres, and much, much more.

Contact FAAC Middle East today, and let us help you take your access experience to the next level.

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