Unbreakable Protection for Your Data Centre with Innovative Solutions from FAAC Middle East

In this third installment in our series on Data Centre Security, we’ll be continuing with our focus on perimeter protection, exploring how FAAC Middle East’s innovative solutions are the perfect match to help you defend critical business infrastructure against security breaches by showcasing our cutting-edge systems in action.

High-Security Bollards

Unbreakable Protection: Watch how FAAC’s high-security bollards deter unauthorised vehicle access and withstand physical attacks, creating a virtually impenetrable barrier around your data centre perimeter!


Full-Height Turnstiles

Streamline Access & Enhance Security: See our full-height turnstiles in action! These integrate seamlessly with your existing security system, providing a secure and controlled entry point for authorised personnel at your data centre.


Pedestrian Access Control Gates

Complete Your Perimeter Security: Explore the FlowMotion ® pedestrian access control gates, featuring advanced access control for authorised entry only and boasting a wide range of customising options, enabling you and everyone using your data centre to enjoy a tailored, flexible and future-proof access experience.

Take control of your data centre security by contacting FAAC Middle East today. You are also welcome to view our data centre brochure HERE.