Unlock Seamless Airport Experiences with Magnetic’s Momentum® Series

Magnetic’s Momentum® Series for Airports_Unlock Sealmess Airport Experiences


Today’s airports are monuments to technological sophistication. They have transformed the way we travel, making it faster, safer, and more convenient. Access control has undergone a profound evolution, leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure the security and seamless movement of passengers.

The modern airport is a testament to our commitment to strengthening security protocols and creating a travel experience that is not only efficient but also secure and enjoyable.

Magnetic understands the growing needs of airport operators and passengers. As airports become more advanced, so too do our solutions, helping passengers keep their lives in high gear. By addressing tomorrow’s airport access needs today, Magnetic is contributing to the innovations that will shape the future of air travel.

By prioritising security in the age of air travel, Magnetic is making a difference and demonstrating our commitment to creating a positive travel experience for all.

Enhancing Airport Security

Magnetic’s latest airport access solutions are leading the way in providing a streamlined and secure experience for airport passengers. By leveraging advanced technology, these gates reduce wait times and improve efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of security.

The mGo self-boarding gate offers a touchless boarding experience, allowing passengers to scan their boarding passes or mobile devices and proceed through the gate without needing to interact with staff. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of physical contact, a crucial feature in today’s hygiene-conscious world.


Streamlining the Airport Experience

Similarly, the mBorder automatic border gate uses cutting-edge technology to automate the passport control process, allowing passengers to self-scan their passports and proceed through the gate with ease. This not only speeds up the process but also reduces the workload on border control staff, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks.

By providing these innovative solutions, Magnetic is helping airports to create a seamless and intuitive experience for passengers, setting a new standard for airport access in the modern age. With these advanced technologies, airports can increase their capacity and efficiency, leading to a more comfortable and stress-free travel experience for passengers.

The Passenger Perspective and Accelerating the Airport Journey

Smooth airport experiences matter, and that’s why the Momentum® Series from Magnetic brings you custom-designed gates to speed up security checks. Meet the mPass pre-security gate!

  • Swift Checks: With a proven track record of 200,000 cycles, mPass ensures lightning-fast barrier movements.
  • Advanced Sensing: Light sensors monitor passengers, detect unauthorised actions, and enhance security.
  • Customisable: Choose from various colours and materials to match your airport’s aesthetics. Adapt mPass to your specific needs with multiple applications, gantry systems, and biometric device mounting options.

In conclusion, as the aviation industry continues to evolve and grow, advanced access solutions such as those offered by Magnetic are leading the way into a new era of airport access. By prioritising security while simultaneously providing a seamless and intuitive experience for passengers, we are helping airports to reach new heights and set a new standard for air travel in the future.

For more information on the Magnetic Momentum® Series, please do not hesitate to contact FAAC Middle East.

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